Anker Releases New Soundcore Frames

Consumer electronics company Anker Innovations is releasing a series of glasses that double as music-listening devices under its Soundcore brand.

The Soundcore Frames have four speakers and an audio processor across its two arms that provide immersive open air audio and block outside sound. According to the product website, the glasses are customizable, with a detachable front frame that allow you to mix and match different styles.

The Frames feature the company’s OpenSurround system, which places the main speaker in front of the ear and another one behind to amplify the sound. They even have on-ear wearing detection that automatically will pause the audio when the glasses are removed.

You’ll also be able to take calls or join online meetings with the Soundcore Frames, as they can be paired with a smartphone, tablet, or PC via the Soundcore app, and include noise reducing microphones. When on a call, the glasses automatically activate a private listening mode that prevents sound from leaking out for others to hear.

Owners will be able to set up touch and voice controls that can be used to play or pause music, answer calls, or change the volume, too. These controls can be configured using the Soundcore app, as well.

You can purchase a pair of Soundcore Frames at your local Best Buy starting November 1 or from the company store. If you do purchase online, the order will be shipped out on or after November 15.

The front frame and arms will run you $199.99, and there are currently 10 available options to choose from. Additional frame models will release in the coming weeks with a price tag of $49.99.

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