Galaxy A and M Phones Hit With Strange Restart Problem

Many Galaxy smartphone users have reported a bug that causes their devices to freeze and restart on their own.

There are numerous reports of this bug on the Samsung Community forum, and scrolling through the posts, it appears that it affects some Galaxy A and Galaxy M models.

The most common devices afflicted are the Galaxy M30s, M31, M31s, A50, A50s, and A51, but only in India. No reports of the issue happening have come from anywhere else.

A user recorded a video trying to use their phone only for the device to freeze and restart on its own. Several users claim their phones are stuck in a never-ending restart loop where their device doesn’t advance past the Samsung logo.

The reports go back several months, with the earliest posted on March 9. While some claim the issue is a problem with the phone’s motherboard, it’s still unclear the exact cause of this bug, be it software or hardware.

It’s worth mentioning that these phones all have Exynos chipsets, but it remains to be seen whether these chips play a role in the issue.

Samsung has yet to make any sort of announcement or major move to fix the issue. Scouring through the links, the company’s go-to move is to link users to instructions on factory resetting the device or going to a service location to get it fixed in person.

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