Netflix Launches Its First Set of Mobile Games

Netflix has released its first series of mobile games to subscribers worldwide, but only to those who own Android devices.

According to a post on Netflix’s blog, there are five games currently available, with two of them based on the popular series Stranger Things. The games are Stranger Things 3: The Game, Stranger Things: 1984, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast, and Teeter Up. And all you need to play them is a Netflix subscription.

According to Netflix, there will be no ads, additional fees, or any sort of in-app purchases for these games. Subscribers on an Android smartphone will see a dedicated games tab and row where you can choose which game to download, while those on an Android tablet will see a drop-down menu instead.

English is the default language for these games, but they automatically will change languages according to the preferences set in a Netflix profile. You also will be able to play the games across different devices on the same account, much like how Netflix allows multiple people to stream from one account.

However, there is a device limit, and once hit, the app will let you know so you can sign out and allow someone else to play.

As for access, parents can set up a PIN to prevent their children from having access to these games, similar to the current parental control. Some of the games also will be available to play offline, but Netflix has neglected to say which ones.

The company has plans to expand the selection and will release more games in the future. However, it’s unknown what that release schedule might look like or if Netflix will make these games available on the desktop app or iOS devices.

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