New Study Shows iPhone 13 Holds Its Value Better Than the Pixel 6

A new report shows how the new iPhone 13 keeps its value longer than Google’s Pixel 6 phone as customer demand for the Apple device remains high despite device shortages.

The report comes from Sell Cell, an online marketplace for older mobile devices. The company researched trade-in values across 45 vendors’ devices to see the data. According to the findings, the iPhone 13 continues to perform well months after launch, while the Pixel 6 has floundered since its release.

Consumer interest in Apple’s latest smartphone hasn’t waned. In fact, it’s seeing a steady rise. In the first month, the iPhone 13 series depreciated an average of 24.9 percent, but that depreciation rate fell over time.

The Pixel 6, on the other hand, is struggling to compete. Across the five device options, the Pixel 6 line depreciated an average of 42.6 percent in its first month, and that value continues to drop. Despite the initial problems of the iPhone 13, the Pixel 6 seems to be struggling to close the gap. The report suggests that the power of name recognition is fueling this trend.

Sell Cell found that iPhone demand is steady, and people are willing to be patient about getting their hands on one. Even if the Pixel 6 is better than the iPhone 13 in some regard, consumers will still go with Apple’s device as it’s one they trust and associate with value.

Based on its report, Sell Cell recommends the iPhone 13 as the better investment if you plan on selling the device later on. And the overall findings from Sell Cell’s study seem to support the theory that iPhone devices tend to depreciate better over time than other brands.

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