Google Expands Privacy and Security With New Features

Google is adding new features and technologies to its privacy and security measures, such as Security Hub coming to Pixel devices.

The company’s plans were posted on Google’s blog, The Keyword, detailing what is currently available and coming out in the near future. Additional new features include a Locked Folder coming to third-party devices and expanding Google’s VPN service to 10 more countries.

The new Security Hub houses a Pixel device’s security features and settings in one convenient location. The app will have red, yellow, and green indicators telling you if something is insecure on the device. If there is something wrong, Security Hub will provide recommendations on how to fix it.

Locked Folder is a feature on Google Photos that is currently available for Pixel devices, but soon will be coming to other smartphones.

The feature allows people to hide photos and videos in a separate space using a password. Locked Folder will be coming to iOS in early 2022 and Android devices “soon,” but no release window has been provided yet.

VPN by Google One will be going to more European countries, including Austria, Finland, and the Netherlands. Currently, the service is available on Android devices in select countries like the United States and Spain.

A version for iOS devices, Windows, and Mac computers is coming soon, but no release date has been given.

Google also didn’t state if it plans to expand its VPN service to Asia, Africa, or Latin America.

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