Windows 11’s First Update Makes Its Performance Worse

Microsoft has released the first update for Windows 11; however, this has unintentionally caused the performance on AMD computers to worsen.

On October 6, semiconductor company AMD reported that Windows 11 causes some performance issues on computers that use its Ryzen processor. And now, with this update, latency issues on AMD computers have gone up to 31.9 nanoseconds, according to TechPowerUp.

The Windows 11 update enhanced the OS’s security and addressed some software issues, specifically Intel’s “Killer” and “SmartByte” networking software. There was an issue with Windows 11 computers that would drop UDP packets on that software, causing performance issues for other protocols.

AMD discovered that the OS increased latency within the processor’s L3 cache, which is a part of the CPU that improves computer performance. The company states the latency triples under Windows 11 and results in a 3% to 5% worse performance on certain apps.

With this new update, that performance drop could go as high as 15%.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and is currently working with AMD to fix the problems. However, it’s unknown when it will release the patch, with AMD promising to let everyone know once it’s available.

Windows 11 has been beset by multiple problems since its launch. Microsoft has a page dedicated to cataloging all the issues found on the new OS as the company works on fixes for them.

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