Google Calendar Gets a New Focus Feature

Google Calendar is getting a new focus feature that automatically blocks out events that conflict with your focus time.

In a Google Workspace Update published on Wednesday, the tech giant explains that the new Google Calendar entry type is called Focus time and works similar to an Out of Office event type. When you block off a Focus time, you have the option to automatically decline meetings or events that take place during that period.

Focus time will appear with a headphone icon on Google Calendar, but you can choose to assign a new color, so your Focus time has different visibility than your events and other meetings. Your scheduled Focus time also can be tracked in your Time Insights to provide better time management control during your workday.

Google detailed that the feature is gradually rolling out to users in the next week and into November. However, it’s important to note that Focus time is only available to specific Google Workspace customers, such as those with Business Standard and Business Plus. Users with the Google Workspace Essentials or G Suite Basic will not be able to use the feature for now.

Google’s Focus time is similar to a new feature Apple debuted in its recent iOS 15 update called Focus Mode. The feature allows you to carve out time for your work, personal life, sleep, etc., with a dedicated page on your home screen to help you focus on your top priorities at the moment.

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