Google Rolls Out Significant Gmail Update With Personalized Avatars

If you are a professional Gmail user, Google is about to make your life a heck of a lot easier.

The company announced via a blog post that it has begun rolling out a major update to Gmail, aimed at Workspace, G Suite, and Business users. The update includes several useful additions, most visual in nature and intended to provide a more seamless experience, according to the post.

A brand new right-click menu allows users to easily view a recipient’s full name, email, and other useful information. You can even edit this data on the fly using that same contextual menu.

All recipients also will now have personalized visual avatars, too, so you can easily see who you are addressing.

Google also has added some handy visual indicators to the BCC and CC process. There’s a warning indicator for duplicate recipients, which could be helpful when tagging large groups of people, and an indicator when you are adding someone outside of your contacts or organization.

The update begins rolling out Thursday, but will not reach every user until next month.

As a warning, Google has indicated that these features may impact certain Chrome extensions, though it provided no further information on which extensions would be affected and how.

No formal announcement has been made about whether or not these features will trickle down to personal Gmail users, but some, like the customizable avatars, seem like a natural fit.

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