A lone philanthropist who once intentionally planted big trees in Mandalay

There was once a lone philanthropist in Mandalay who intentionally planted shady trees in Mandalay.That person is no other. “U Ngwe” is a big rickshaw puller who planted trees in Mandalay on a motorbike.

U Ngwe, the tree caretaker, was born on December 23, 1914 in Ngan Zun to father U San Nyunt and mother Daw San Myi.He lived at No. 293/1, south of U Hla Thein Temple, between 84th and 85th Streets, 34th and 35th Streets, east of Mandalay.

U Ngwe had to move to Mandalay from his small town to work for a living. Coincidentally, shortly after Ngwe arrived in Mandalay, World War II in 1941 set the city ablaze.

Due to the bad situation in the town, U Ngwe had to flee back to his hometown of Ngan Zun. When the war calmed down, U Ngwe returned to Mandalay.

But when U Ngwe returned to Mandalay, Mandalay was no longer Mandalay. In the east, the Shan Yoma Mountain Range is visible, and when we turn back, we can see the Sagaing Minwan Mountain Range.

Homes have been reduced to ashes. Mandalay is becoming a desert. On the way back to the city, U Ngwe, who was married to Daw Thein Ngwe, had to travel around the city riding a motorbike for his wife and children.

As he was walking around the city, U Ngwe suffered severe heatstroke. I was tired and had no place to stay in Mandalay.

As a result, Ngwe developed a desire to plant trees in the plains of Mandalay. After that, Ngwe went around the city planning to plant trees.

Even if they planted trees, there were not many good farms for sale at that time.

So U Ngwe had to go to the trees and pick the seeds himself. I planted trees near a well in the southern constellation where they lived.

I get out of bed at about four in the morning. Worship God out loud and worship the guardian deity. The guardian deity of the house and the gatekeeper of the courtyard sent greetings. I put on swords.

He then loaded the seedlings into a rickshaw and rode around the city to plant trees. U Ngwe planted a bamboo fence around the trees. Thorns were also attached to prevent animals from being destroyed.

Then, small earthenware pots were drilled, filled with water, and watered. Planted trees are also watered daily from nearby streams and wells.

Then I used a broom to pick up leaves from the road. Roadside branches are often cut off by pedestrians.

Large branches of trees can not be cut down and thrown away for free.Not only that. He also used to sit on a bench under a tree and set up pots of water for him to drink. U Ngwe was not satisfied with just planting a tree.

He also instilled in his seven children (three daughters and four sons) a passion for planting trees like him.

U Ngwe used to plant a small tree and give it as a birthday present. On such a day, all the children are loaded onto a rickshaw. One on the front frame; Then one on the carrier;

There were two people on the rickshaw next to the tree planting material. The three of them planted a tree with a big tree. The children who could not afford a motorbike were asked to ride their bicycles.

Digging holes for children to plant trees; He helped me draw water. U Ngwe’s children said that if the tree was strong, they would tie a scarf on a bamboo stick so that the passers-by would not be harmed.

It’s not that U Ngwe wants to raise children to plant trees. U Ngwe has seven children and is married. Like children, daughters-in-law also plant trees on their birthdays.

Because of the large number of trees being planted, small pots and pans that can be planted can be used for children and grandchildren. son in law, Even daughters-in-law are asked to pick them up anytime, anywhere.

Young children are ashamed to pick up broken pots and pans. That’s all U Ngwe said. “I get merit. “It’s not stealing.”

U Ngwe planted trees near the 84th Street traffic light to the far west of Govin and the shipyard.

Not only in that place, but also near the Pagoda. No. (6) Bus Station, Along the south side of the ditch; Shwe Kyi Myin Pagoda Pauk Mying, Trees were also planted in places such as the Phala Phone School.

U Ngwe prefers trees that provide good shade. Koke ko,Tamar , Hta hnaung, Mae Si Bar Dan Tae Pin In addition to the flowers, Sein Pan, Mango Mae Zali He also planted a variety of trees, such as mangroves.

U Ngwe said the trees he planted grew a little bigger. When it hardens, apply a small amount of lotion on the plate. I can write some letters and mark them.

On the plaque, along with the number of the plant, read: When a deity is summoned,Sae Du Sar Du၊ “It simply came to our notice then.

Ngwe’s children said he had plucked 500 trees and planted about 1,000 trees.

Some people who know about U Ngwe planting trees say that if U Ngwe pays a small amount of money, U Ngwe will use it to plant trees.

In fact, U Ngwe does not know how to put money in his household. Pots of water needed to plant trees; Water bucket I bought pots and pans. U Ngwe, a philanthropist, for his trees
There was a time when I was traumatized when trees that were quite large were cut down to widen the city streets. But it is also for the better.

U Ngwe was upset because he could not do anything, but the tree did not lose its roots. Ngwe’s children say he continued to drive trees in his 70s until he was in his 70s.

Before his death, U Ngwe was survived by his wife, Daw Thein Ngwe, and children. Sons-in-law; He called his daughters-in-law and asked for permission to donate his body to the University of Medicine if he died.

Not only did the family give in to his wishes, but his wife, Daw Thein Ngwe, decided to donate his body to the Medical University with U Ngwe. After that, U Ngwe and his wife donated five bodies to the five monks.

U Ngwe, who planted thousands of trees in Mandalay, died in 1990. He died at the age of 76.

Even after U Ngwe’s death, tree planting ceremonies were held every year on U Ngwe’s birthday without the use of motor vehicles.

The late journalist from Mandalay Author Daw Amar Lutu Daw Amar once wrote a tribute to U Ngwe with the article “Lutha Dhu called Nat Thadu” and commented in the book “People of Mandalay”.

“It is generally believed that donations can only be made with money. U Ngwe, a motorcyclist, has no money, but he has good intentions. Love There are faiths.

So in Mandalay, he planted trees and donated trees to provide cool shade. One is rich and all beings are poor.

As Hitler shone, the whole of Europe was engulfed in flames, and people were devastated. The human world exists if such a person wants to appear.

How poor like U Ngwe? “I have written about this saint,” he said, “and how much pure love can make many people rich and happy.”

In Mandalay, summer is getting hotter and hotter. Although U Ngwe is no more, the remaining trees planted by U Ngwe still provide good shade and coolness to Mandalay.

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