Kyar Ba Wein, a Myanmar honorary boxer

U Ba Wein alias Kyar Ba Wein is located between 82nd and 83rd Streets. U Bo Min and Daw Ma Magyi were born in 1923 in Mandalay, 25th Street. She was born on November 23. His brothers are U Ba Thein (writer Chit Nyo); U Ba Sein and U Ba Hein.

As a young man, he began his education at the Wesleyan Missionary School in Mandalay and transferred to the National High School, where he was the headmaster of the national school, Sayar Gyi U Yar Zat. U Yar Zat commissioned a foreign professional, Bill Fischer, to teach English boxing to the students as a student sport.

Among national English boxers, Ba Wein later became the champion of the Burmese Fistweight Boxing Championships, representing Burma at the 1952 World Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland.

How Kyar Ba Wein got his name

The teacher is very fond of tiger fighting. When he was ten years old, he lost to his brother Ko Ba Thein (Chit Nyo) and 12 tigers. It is happening again and again. Then U Ba Thein, the Tiger King from Mandalay, came and taught us how to move tigers, accusing us of playing differently. Artists were popular in Mandalay at that time. Rich A group of artists, such as Nyo Lay, signed their names under their paintings.

Tiger Pagoda (b) Tiger King U Ba Thein also signed the name Tiger Tiger Ba Thein. So Saya Nyein became a tiger. In 1947, he won the Benton Weightlifting Championship. The teacher explained, “The tiger has conquered” and since then it has become a tiger.

Kyar Ba Wein has been striving for Burmese boxing since 1953, from the boxing ring to the boxing ring. He has also performed on many boxing events. Some of them were given their original boxing names by deleting their original names. Leopard Thamin Baram is the name he gave it. In October 1960, Toe Lone visited Beijing. U Bo Sein; Phyu Gyi and other scholars led more than 10 boxers to perform traditional boxing.

Scientific boxer

In his 20 years of boxing, he has fought in more than 50 bouts. Out of those 50, only seven games were lost by points. Kyar Ba Wein won the remaining 40 matches. Of all the four, his favorite trophy was the one that won the least scientific boxer award. During the post-independence period of 1949, Kyar Ba Wein became the king. Samuel Key White Saw Ha Di He competed with Maggie.

One night, Kyar Ba Wein and Lin Paul from Sein Paul were stabbed. In that match, Kyar Ba Wein avoided Marcel and swerved to the left and right. He defeated the other man with his right fist. The jury awarded the tiger scientist with the ability to kill scientifically.

On a day off, Kyar Ba Wein went to the People’s Newspaper in Letse Lake and was talking enthusiastically at Daw Amar’s table. When he talks about boxing, he forgets to eat. I forgot. At this point, Daw Amar interrupted and asked, “Which match is the fastest of all the matches you have ever played?”

Sayar Ba Wein said, “1951. “The match against Indian heavyweight champion Vebos is the worst.” That night, seven bouts from India came. With the exception of the Tigers, they all lost.Ma Gyit,Myo Thant,aung Myint After the boxing match, the Owais newspaper wrote, “The Burmans can only raise their heads because of the Tigers.”

“Before boxing that night, my wife, Ma Kyi, was so worried that she lost her eyesight, so I did not worry. “I’m going to win,” he said. At the time, Bose was India’s best two-time Olympic champion.

The Burmese people hailed the Indian boxer Boss for his extravagant, extraordinary demeanor. He then went on to compete in the 15th Olympics in 1952 in Finland. At the time, Kyar Ba Wein was 28 years old and a father of three.

Daw Kyi reluctantly followed and cheered every time Kyar Ba Wein boxed at local events. Saya Ba Wein’s boxing style is not about running away and punching again. He stared at the other boxer from a distance, not farther away, and continued to punch as soon as he lost his punch. The audience nodded. . . The faster he shouted, the faster his fist punched.

Produce young boxers

Kyar Ba Wein has also produced the next generation of young boxers. 25 on Mandalay Dartan Road. Boxing clubs are also set up on 83rd Street. As a result, more than 20 boxers came out of Mandalay.Ye Chit, Ye Swe Ye Myint, Ye Tint is a great student of Kyar Ba Wein. In addition to the Mandalay people, Tin Tun from Rangoon; Alexander the Great Hla Shwe from the Navy was also a disciple of Saya Nyein.

Mon State Karen State There are also teachers and students in Chin State. One day, Saya Ba Wein told his mother (Daw Amar): Helsinki also arrived. I also visited Buckingham Palace. In my life, West Buckingham; “I will never forget going to East Timor (China) and talking to great leaders.”

While living in Mandalay, he married Daw Kyi Kyi, a resident of Mandalay in 1940. He became acquainted with Ludu U Hla and Daw Amar, the owners of the Mandalay People’s Newspaper, and wrote sports news in the newspaper. In 1956, he moved to Rangoon to become a member of the National Fitness Council, where he moved to Rangoon to become acquainted with Rangoon literature.

Myawaddy,Ngwe Tar Yi He has also written sports articles for major magazines such as Sumawa. He later wrote for the sports journal Tagun. He has written a series of articles on traditional Burmese boxing in Assistant Hla Aung’s News Journal.

With the help of author Yangon Ba Swe, he wrote and published a novel called Min Khaung. Min Khaung was a successful novel of the Mandalay Yadanarbon period at that time. A bloody novel on the sand, set against the backdrop of professional boxing; Writers such as Bo Myint;Bo Ba haw In collaboration with Maung Thin, in the compilation of four autobiographies; Contributed.

Biographies of world boxing champions Muhammad Ali He also authored a number of books from Kinshasa to Manila. During his boxing career, U Ba Wein was portrayed as a tiger because he was as brave as a tiger and as an expert in playing the Twelve English Tigers. The Mandalay newspapers described everyone who wrote about his achievements as a “little tiger.”

In addition to writing as a hobby, Kyar Ba Wein is also an expert painter. While living in Mandalay, he was responsible for designing metal signs for department stores. Sports enthusiasts are also known for his tireless efforts to develop traditional Burmese boxing. Poems recited by hand to encourage the boxers who compete in his traditional boxing are still heard today in traditional boxing.

Kyar Ba Wein was born in 1979. He died of gastric cancer at 6:40 a.m. on July 8. At the time of his death, he was living with his family in No. (3) Ward, Pazundaung Township. Pyi Taw Thit Housing Building No. (4), She lives in Room 13. He was 56 years old at the time of his death. Sunny Nyein Ye Myint Nyein; Myo Myint Nyein; Mala Nyein; Tun Maung Nyein; Htun Aung Nyein was left behind.

Kyar Ba Wein-Ni Nyein, spoken by Daw Amar (Aya University)
List of Twentieth Century Burmese Writers and Essays (Vol. 4)

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