To know that it is not a spiritual path.

To know that it is not a spiritual path .. Read the text… .. I dare not say the rest

Sand dunes are geologically narrow coastal formations with one edge adjacent to the shoreline.

It is most common on long coastal areas or near estuaries that change direction frequently. Sand dunes are also found in freshwater lakes and rivers.

Water and air from the sea settle gravelly sandy soils along the coast. On the other side The silt brought from the streams piled up at the mouth of the sea.

Prrvailing winds regularly form along the coastal plains and cause sea waves to form. သေ၊ Combined with sediment transport of silt

A spit formed in parallel with the shape of the land. (Figure) Sand dunes tend to bend depending on the direction of the wind.

Sometimes the sand dunes rejoin the land and form a lagoon. Mostly

Waves from the tip of the ridge of the sand can cause turbulence in many places, causing the top of the ridge to bend in a curved shape.

If it does not bend and collide with another island, it is considered a sedimentary Tombolo. There are many such sand dunes in the world, including Azov in Ukraine

At sea, the aerobic ridge is about 68 miles long and is the longest ridge in the world. The sand dunes are narrow and sometimes lost their way due to sea level rise.

In the future, by including such topics in basic geography textbooks, you will be able to wisely avoid unforeseen dangers. For future education ..
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