The splendor of Yangon concerning the ark

About Kandawgyi within the historical past of Yangon

In entrance of the Shwedagon Pagoda, there’s a giant lake. The water is obvious and exquisite.

It needs to be referred to as town’s magnificent lake.

When King Okkalapa constructed the Shwedagon Pagoda on Singuttara Hill, it’s now referred to as Kandawgyi.

At the moment, there was no residential space close to Ingyi. Due to this fact, within the neighborhood of this Ingyi, there may be mud, There are solely bushes.

A few years later, nonetheless, when Alaungpaya arrived in Dagon (also called Rangoon) some 200 years in the past, Alaungpaya was clearing the bushes close to Ingyi and encamping.

At the moment, Min Hla Thuzar, a beloved maiden of Alaungpaya, got here with the king.

At some point, whereas touring close to Min Hla Thuzar camp, the Mons, the king’s enemies, forcibly captured her.

When the king heard about this, he summoned Main Thurein Vera Kyaw and the blood drinkers and ordered, “The Mons have captured the virgin Min Hla Thuzar. Observe and rescue him as quickly as potential.”

When the Mons realized that Main Thurein Wara Kyaw and his group had been following them, they left the virgin Min Hla Thuzar on an island and fled on their very own.

The island that was spared by the virgin Min Hla Thuzar was named “Thuzar Thet Lut Island”.

The virgin Thuzar herself constructed a sand pagoda on the island and donated flowers. He was referred to as “Thuzar Pun Tin Pagoda”. Now that small pagoda is gone.

After these occasions, the youngest son of Alaungpaya, the prince in Inwa, reigned within the identify of Bo Daw Pagoda.

Kyaw Rwe, a slave through the time of Bo Daw Pagoda, was despatched to Rangoon to rule as mayor.

Kyaw Rwe served because the mayor of Rangoon, rebuilding the army city, and I noticed the king’s beloved maiden, Ma Thuzar.

When the lake was properly maintained, it was named Kandawgyi and established as a marriage pond.

Mayor Kyaw Rwe additionally held boat exhibits on the lake. Due to this fact, this lake is in a state of desolation. It went from being a little-known to a little-known.

When Burma was occupied by the British, Rangoon was designated as its headquarters and Kandawgyi was renovated to make it extra stunning than earlier than.

Immediately, Kandawgyi is positioned with the attractive surroundings of Yangon, and the small island of Matuza is called the center island.

From Yangon Historical past E book

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